Achievements, from a simple congratulations to unlocking great power, BeardAch provides the ability to create achievements tailored to your server. These can be the standard mine X block, to more creative ones such as logging on between a certain time, or dying by skeleton.


BeardAch has been built to be as flexible as possible with how achievements can be made. An achievement consists of some basic data (name, description and a flags for handling) and two lists. Triggers, and rewards. Triggers are events or conditions that must be satisfied to unlock an achievement, they can be something simple like surpassing a certain value for a stat in BeardStat, to more complex ones like having certain permission nodes, running between two areas of a world within a certain time. Rewards can be just as varied, execute a command, give the player money (requires Vault and an economy plugin).

BeardAch also provides a framework to allow developers to make custom triggers and rewards.